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Bio: John Harding

 Musician composer producer

"Music has been fascinating me for as long as I can remember, and flowing through my voice and hands since childhood." 

John initiated his work with music in Sweden where he was born in 1977. At the age of 24 he set off on a journey that would last for many years, traveling extensively to study music and interact with diverse cultures.

His profound interest in the interaction between nature and culture lead his musical roots too entangle with a large variety of ancient and current influences. 

John composes, produces and performs his own music, as well as that of other artists. As a founder of "Sound Organism", an organisation that produces international music residencies, he develops creative processes that synergize music and sustainable lifestyle practices.  




Gayatri Recording Studio

The spacious and inviting Gayatri Recording Studio offers thoroughly refined acoustics, a pleasant atmosphere, and a large collection of instruments from all around the world. 


Highly integrated in the surrounding natural beauty, it is a perfect place to immerse in composing and recording, with support from experienced personel, using high end equipment.


Gayatri Studio resides in a remote area of the Mantiqueira Mountains in Brasil. It was conceived, designed, and built by musician, composer and producer John Harding, using local, natural materials.